Totally AwesomE3!!

I've been watching the new game trailers making their debut at E3 this year. My jaw is on the floor.... man! Some amazing new games coming out and a lot of sequels! The amount of action and the cinematography has blown me away. Here are a few of the trailers I thought look totally wicked-awesome. I've definitely been playing more video games... but still really wish I had more time and money to start 'gaming out' and getting my nerd on! These are totally inspiring to say the least!!

I love love love the style of this game and of course the animation rocks! It's the new Sly Cooper.

IMHO better than all three prequels... check out the new Star Wars: Old Republic game... wow!

Some reason I kept thinking back to Leo trying to escape the Titanic... the new Uncharted 3 looks like a nonstop action packed adrenaline rush.

The new Insomniac franchise Overstrike...

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