Holy moly... slacker head!

Break is over... mixed in with a mini-break... Right now I'm between assignments... sort of. My first dialogue was a success, I think (I've gotten great feedback and responses to it). I feel I learned sooooo much from that assignment and want to keep going. My new Mentor is absolutely an amazing person! He's a Canuck through and through, and so real! He had mentioned that parts of my assignment looked 'choppy' almost like it was stop motion (so did Sean...) so I asked him for a bit of help. I sent him over my Maya file and he worked on about 22 frames and smoothed it out. I think that my problem was that I'm over animating, adding too many in-between/breakdowns. Like Mr. Williams says K.I.S.S... (keep it simple stupid), I need to make a giant poster that says that and hang it right behind my monitors at home! Soooo, back to my next assignment: it's doing a two person dialogue shot up to 15 seconds.... more characters and more time then before, I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited about what challenges I'm going to face (hopefully overcome)and persevere. So this week, I just have to polish up my monologue shot, and pick three possible dialogs for my next assignment, and one face pose.... pretty chill. So I'm taking full advantage of the calm before the storm (advice from my awesome Mentor).

Maddon's doing great, always smiling, laughing and babbling! It's so fricken cute!