Bad Blogger, Well Time Flies!

The simple fact that 2011 is nearing an end absolutely blows my mind!! It's been a while since posting here. I've been taking a bit of a sabbatical from animation since finishing my Short Film and new Demo Reel.  I've been spending more time with my boys and family which is awesome, taking a break is nice.  Recharging the batteries is a good thing as we all learned in Cars!  Speaking of Cars, I watched Cars 2 a bunch with Maddon last weekend and I liked a lot better the more I saw it (I didn't like it at all after seeing it in the theaters).  I still feel it's Pixar's weakest film yet, it lacked the story and appeal their other movies have done so well.  I'm curious to see what Brave does and am getting excited for it's release!  With that said, here's the Brave trailer if you haven't seen it yet.... See you all in 2012!  Till then, it's animated movies and books!   Ciao!