Exhausted, and ready for action!

Having thought I was finished with my reel, I posted it and got some (much needed) feedback... so, I had to move some things around and re-work some of the animation on one of the shots. I'm getting close to re-finishing it. January 14th is rapidly approaching and the time for the career fair and graduation is right around the corner! The only thing that I'm waiting on is finishing the animation. Then I have to burn the DVDs and re-upload everything to the various web locations. I'll admit, I've been taking it easy for a few weeks, with the holidays and all... but I feel like it's been ages since I've animated or read one of my animation books. I've been watching plenty animation to keep me "fresh", but I'm going to start planning my next shot (gotta stay sharp!) real soon.

I just found a really cool networking site www.vfx-recruit.com. It's a free website to join, but they do have a possible upgrade that is about 25 dollars a year. They have some good job leads and it almost looks like Linked In.

So with that being said. 2009 was very hectic, but fruitful. I'm looking forward to a lot of changes in 2010 and can't wait to see all the animation that's coming out!! Happy New Year to all!!!!


Demo Reel Completed!

I completed my demo reel! CLICK HERE to view it.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me! It was a lot of long hours and a lot of late nights/early mornings, but I feel really good in how it turned out! Maybe I'll post some of my older reels just for kicks, they are pretty painful to watch, but entertaining and it's great to see the progress that I've made over the years.

I'm planning on doing some subtle tweaking over the next month before the job fair in San Francisco in January, but the animation is pretty much done!

Enjoy. Till next time.