Happy Fall to You All!

I saw this posted on a friend's Facebook page and thought it was amazing and that I had to share it. It's Disney's new game that's coming out Epic Mickey. This video talks about keeping the old style there, but in a 3D environment! The animation looks truly amazing and it's so inspiring to watch. Seeing what goes into these types of games is why I chose to get into animation and inspires me to keep going forward.... I love it!

In other news. I'm sending out reels like crazy and am finishing up my first freelance project. I heard the Director is putting together his next movie and is looking for Animators... let's see if I get picked up! I have two animation shots in the 'hopper' and am excited to start planning them out.... so stay tuned.

On a personal level, we're due in 4 days and my wife is definitely a trooper. She's been really uncomfortable for the past four weeks, not to mention in a lot of pain. Having contractions everyday, but at least they're getting stronger now (not sure if that's a good thing or not). She is AMAZING! But tiny Xander is a stubborn little dude. Either way he'll be here by next Monday (November 1st) and I'm getting excited to meet him and so is Maddon. If you haven't been to my new website CLICK HERE. Till next time......

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