NEW WEBSITE.... finally!

Finally...... finally, I have taken the plunge and put together a professional looking website to showcase my phenomenal animation skills ;-)! No, but seriously. I was procrastinating for the longest time putting a real website together, and I finally did. I figured since I'm about to have a new version of my reel up I mine as well do it right. And for 5 bucks a month to host and pay for a domain name, it's worth the professional look it has (compared to my old website).

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Other than that, lately I've been scrambling to put together, not one, but two demo reels. I'm also doing a gaming demo reel that will show more body mechanics and some models that I've built over the years. Geared a little more towards the gaming industry. So we'll see what that does for me. also I've shortened up my current reel and added four new shots to it. Getting excited to see what the new reel and website holds for my career as a Character Animator.....

On a more personal note, my wife is about to POP! We're due in a month from today and are getting excited to have another little dude running around controlling our lives! Maddon is also getting excited to play with little Xander and all of his toys. I can't imagine yet what it's going to be like having another son, but I'm super excited about it. We had an awesome summer (except for being pregnant and uncomfortable), lots of camping, I climbed four 14ers, did a lot of biking and have been working three jobs! All in all, life is awesome and can't wait for the snow to get here so I can dust off my snowboard and hit the slopes!! Till next time.

Here's an animation that someone did for Valve with the TF2 cast dancing their hearts out... some awesome animation!!

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