2012... Oh, It's On!


Happy New Years!  Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Where does the time go?"!   I've been on a sort of  "Unofficial Animation Hiatus" since September.  2011 was an exhausting (mentally, physically and emotional) year.  I'm glad it's over and am looking forward to see what the ol' Twenty-Twelve has in store.  I feel as if I'm so far out of the loop, as far as animation goes.  I finally just saw KFP2 the other night...  I really loved it, up until I fell asleep.  In my defense, I'm still working 2 jobs and getting up early.  I enjoyed the style a lot... another movie I finally saw was Rio.  Loved it.  Great work Blue Sky!  Cars 2 is growing on me, but I think the story/writing was no where near the standard Pixar has set with all of their epic movies prior.

I really want to get back in the swing things in the very near future.  I'm currently working on a side project for a buddy and should be wrapping up quickly.... then it's time for some new animation.  Overall, I've recieved a positive response on my latest reel, but it didn't land me the ol' "foot-in-the-door" position I was hoping it would.  So, back to the drawing board it goes, errr computer and sketchpad I meant.  Not sure if I want to start with a pantomime shot or some acting... or just doing some simple tests to get back in the swing of things... I could be a bit rusty!   Either way, I  think the game plan is re-read some lecture notes from Animation Mentor, crack open some Animation Books, re-watch Richard Williams' Animator's Survival Kit movies and then hit the ground running and with some speed.  I feel like with every reel I'm that much better and that much closer to getting in the industry (full time)..... and absolutely can not wait for that day.

In other news some great animated features are being released this year.  One in particular that I can't wait to see is the new Aardman flick:  The Pirates, Band of Misfits if you haven't seen it yet I'll post it below.

Here's to a super-awesome-spectacular-fantabulous 2012!!!!

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