August...no way!

Well the time continues to fly by in 2010! The year is well over halfway done with and the summer is flying by! I'm finishing up with the current project that I'm animating on and am getting excited to see the final product later this year. The Director mentioned already started work on his next project and it got me wondering if he's going to ask me to do some more animation for him? The project is a great learning experience and I am glad to have such a great opportunity. Also, in the meantime I've been cranking away some new shots for my reel and am realizing I finally have my work flow where I am confident in it, and am finally feeling comfortable. By that I mean that I don't feel like I'm not forgetting any steps when moving to the different stages of animating. I think too, working on that kid's movie has really helped with that! I feel a lot more comfortable working in the graph editor and getting my character to do what I want them to do.... a true Puppet Master of the 21st century. Also I've been able to do a little more work on the shot I got for Devils Angels and Dating short film. So with my crazy 3 job hectic schedule I feel that I'm still moving forward in learning animation and am hoping that my first true animation job is right around the corner!!

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