Excited and motivated...

Well, the fall term at AM started today!! And I am super excited for all of my AM peeps. Starting a new class, meeting their new Mentor and all of the new classmates, re-uniting with old ones.... a new syllabus to peruse, new characters unveiled. It felt kind of weird, and strange to not be a part of it. I was thinking this morning, that a new term is beginning, then the excitement kicked in for a minute, it quickly dissipated when I realized I don't have a new class to start today. Its finally sinking in that I graduated, I'm done, I made it... Still a great feeling, now a little more nervous about being in the 'real animation world'. Being done sure feels nice, I'm really excited to start working on my reel and finishing up my short film... I've been working on little things here and there. Getting a lot of my demo reel artwork done, setting up a new website to view my online portfolio and relaxing with movies and spending time with my family.

So, I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm definitely enjoying being done with AM, relaxing, couching, etc and I realize that I have a lot of work ahead of me... being around all this animation is too motivating to just relax. I'm contemplating taking one more week of 'chillax' time, then start working again.... or get busy tonight! Animation is really hard, and taking time away from it can be exactly what you need. After being away from my short film for a couple weeks, then coming back to it; it's really amazing on how your perception changes, you catch different things, you come up with different/better ideas for the film and you're able to fix the problems that you having before with the animation..... it really is like a breath of fresh air.

We went a saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs last night and it was awesome. The style of the movie was great and original, the animation was awesome, very snappy, yet very 'squiggly' in the limbs, the effects were awesome with all the food falling from the sky, and the characters had tons of appeal. It was by far Sony's best animated feature yet. I recognized a few names in the credits, but I was surprised to see so many names under 'animation' in the credits as well as all the other departments.

One more quick thing. Now that I have access to the Alumni site, it further iterates my feelings on how truly amazing the school is. There's career services that helps you write resumes, cover letters and thank yous. Demo reel help, job boards, chats, forums, your own workspace to post your current reel.

Till then, keep on livin' 24 frames per second.

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