Class one is ovah!

Man oh man, what a crazy few months I've endured... talk about insanity! I made it through Class one at Animation Mentor and I feel really lucky to have met the people that I have! First off, my mentor Paul Allen was absolutely amazing, his insights and critiques were so helpful and inspiring. He really took time and studied the animations/poses that I handed in, he didn't just say something to say it. I learned a lot, and definitely realized how much work goes into learning animation, I never thought it was going to be an easy feat, but damn I feel naive.... I know that I learned something, because for the final assignment (which is posted below) was to put together a progress reel of all your work for the class so the school can keep on file. Anyway, looking back at my past assignments I know I could start the assignment over and make something twice as good in half the amount of time.

I couldn't have been luckier with my classmates either, they spent so much of their busy time helping me, leaving constructive feedback to better my animations. They were all so helpful, and like I said, I made some really good friends in the process. Last night and my QnA session, it was really kind of sad, Paul went around pulling everyone up on their web cams and said his farewells, as did the class back. I know that everyone will stay in contact, but it's sad not having them in the same class as me.

On another note, Maddon's got so fricken big, he's at 6.5 lbs, that means he gained 9 ounces in a week! He's been eating tons and is much more alert now, not just eating, pooping, and sleeping. After he eats he'll stay awake. Looking around, studying everything around him. I think that his eyes are much more developed and he's able to see a lot farther than before. The expressions of curiosity that he makes is so adorable, you can tell that he's really trying to figure out where he is and what the heck is going on. The cutest thing is when he sleeps, and waddled or not, he'll always manage to get his arms up and over his head like he's riding a roller coaster. It's so fricken cute.

Another major milestone occurred over the past week. We finally got our basement sheet rocked! It looks so cool and we're going to paint it this weekend and hopefully have it finished up, at least be able to move our stuff down there temporarily by July-ish.

I'm getting nervous and excited for class two to begin. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm up for the challenge. Now that we've had Maddon and the basement won't consume so much of my time, I'll really be able to focus on AM and make some sweet animations, and grow as an animator.

Till next time....

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